What should you think about before betting on the NBA when it restarts?

What should you think about before betting on the NBA when it restarts?

There is no doubt that the recent coronavirus pandemic has had a significant impact on sports. Basketball was no exception, and this saw the NBA choose to suspend play in mid-March 2020. The great news for sports fans and those who like to bet on sports is that league officials have recently announced plans to resume play. The action will get going once more and allow sports bettors around the globe to place bets on their favorite teams again.

Before you start to think about betting on the NBA when it restarts, you should think carefully first. Doing this will help you to become a more knowledgeable gambler and also hopefully win more bets than you lose! But what kind of thing should you bear in mind?

Players might take time to hit top form

Whether you plan to use an NJ sports betting app or an online sportsbook via your desktop, this is certainly something to consider. The NBA season restarting on 30th July 2020 comes after a period of inactivity for players. Expect to see many players and teams a little rusty when the action begins again – this could deal out some shock results. You might even find that teams that did well before the break simply do not get going again at all. A good tip in terms of strategy here could be to bet the ‘Under’ markets at first while players get up to speed again.

The location could be an issue for some teams

As keen basketball followers will know, the action will take place entirely at Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida. All 22 teams who come back to play will have to stay on-site at the resort and play all their games there. It is highly likely that some players and teams will handle this better than others. Those who have less distance to travel, or are familiar with the area, may do better in the revised games. As there will be no home advantage and no fans at courtside, this could also have an impact in terms of leveling the playing field in games. Teams who are brilliant playing away could also fare much better as they enjoy being on the road.

Fatigue and injuries could be more important

Although players will not have to travel between games, they will be packing the games they do play into a shorter period. When you also factor in the long period of inactivitythey all have faced, it seems that fatigue could well be more of an issue than usual. Player fatigue could also lead to more injuries, and more players being rested. All these things will impact the outcome of games, so it is vital to check team news before putting any money down.

NBA season resumption almost here

There is not much time left now until the NBA season comes back. That is excellent news for all fans of sports betting who like to place wagers on basketball. Before you get too excited and put your money down, it is worth taking the above tips on-board.