marked cards

More Fun Now with the copag marked cards

Copag magic marked cards have a decent reputation among the poker players as their most astounding quality, much subsequent to marking with the luminous ink. Copag marked cards are considered by educated players in any card game to be the best on the planet. Because of 100% PVC plastic, they can spring back to their unique shape in the wake of bending and tearing. That way, they are ideal for satisfying games like Omaha and Texas Hold’em. Another total preferred position worth mentioning is the arrangements of magic marked cards are commonly expected to last from 20-50 times longer than standard paper cards. That is incredible!

In the in the interim, a few players may stress over the magic cards are too smooth to even think about controlling when dealing with the cards. That isn’t an issue! They are explicitly designed for execution, which can be rearranged effectively and deal perfectly with players. Nevertheless, the exceptional textured back will furnish proficient and beginner dealers with incredible card control.

What are magic marked cards?

Magic marked cards are prepared with the first playing card and invisible ink by an expert printer. As most Copag cards are made in Belgium and Brazil, they are broad in North and South America. There are a few special cases! For instance: Copag Texas Hold’em has two versions, and their inception is Belgium and Brazil separately. Nonetheless, the distinction in birthplace doesn’t get a lot of contrast the feeling of utilization. All the more critically, the Copag magic deck of cards consistently has a noteworthy impact subsequent to marking.

As the run of the mill plastic cards, marked magic cards can make use of more multiple times longer than the paper decks. Despite the fact that with such quality, you despite everything need to deliberately protect them while you don’t make use of the cards. Sensible capacity can expand the life of the cards. Infrared invisible ink is the typical thing use to mark poker cards, yet it will work successfully by light and extensive stretches of day lighting can obscure the luminous marks.

Can marked magic cards be cleaned?

In spite of the fact that Copag magic marked cards with numerous points of interest as above, they simply equivalent to the custom plastic poker cards that simple to get messy.

Will marked magic cards be cleaned? What would you be able to do if they are filthy? The best possible technique for cleaning plastic playing cards is additionally fundamental to expand their valuable life. Cleaning Copag poker cards must be performed specifically, and please understand that slight blurring may happen. The more you clean your Copag Cards, the faster your cards could fade. Nevertheless, whenever performed appropriately, cleaning custom plastic poker cards will just have a slight impact, and long haul utilize is attainable.